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Thank you to all of our satisfied clients who see the benefits of regular fitness at The Barre Fitness Studio and have contributed to our Testimonials page.

The Barre Fitness Studio is a great place to work out. All the instructors are well trained and they keep the classes interesting, challenging, and fun! The Barre Fitness classes have not only improved the way my body looks but also improved the way my body feels. I always leave my classes looking forward to my next class. It is really something good to do for yourself.
Sarah McCutchon

The Barre Fitness Studio is perfect for anyone-regardless of fitness levels. Instruction is sensitive to individual needs and encouraging and supportive. Yet, one is always urged to push and reach new levels. Over time, I became strong, fit, more balanced, and toned.
Mary Ellen Galvan

I’ve been very impressed with Amy and all the other Barre Fitness instructors. They are knowledgeable and pay personal attention to each student, to ensure everyone gets the most out of each workout. The facility is very nice and the classes are challenging enough for seasoned fitness students but achievable for someone like me, who has never exercised before. Plus, every class is different and fun! I’m already seeing results in just over a month. I would highly recommend The Barre Fitness Studio to anyone interested in improving or maintaining their fitness level.
Debi Miller

I’ve tried several different exercise programs from circuit training to CrossFit and nothing really captivated me like The Barre Fitness Studio. I was hooked from the first class! Not only are the classes fun, but you will definitely leave the class feeling like you got a full, intense workout. There will be parts of your body you didn’t realize could be worked! I love the progress I’ve seen in my body from taking Barre Fitness and love how the instructors will cater to each individual person’s physical needs. Everybody is so welcoming ad friendly! Signing up for The Barre is one of the best things I’ve done for myself.
Brittany Rodriguez

Working out at The Barre Fitness Studio makes exercise enjoyable. The music is varied and fun, the instructors are professional, and the friendly camaraderie are the reasons I have been there three times a week for the last 3.5 years.
Val Goodwin

I moved to Corpus Christi 8 months ago and was 8 weeks pregnant. I wanted to continue a barre class. I found The Barre Fitness Studio and loved it. I found it effective and a great way to help increase my energy level while being pregnant and decrease my stress level after a long day at work as a nurse. It’s a great class for breathing, balance, and strength as my body was changing. I also liked that every class was different. I definitely believe that Barre Fitness helped me with a smooth delivery of my first child. I was doing Barre Fitness class on the Saturday I was 39 weeks pregnant and delivered the following Monday! My entire delivery was only 14 hours when most women with their first child average 18-20 hours. I was back at The Barre Fitness Studio 5 weeks after having my son and I felt great. I also believe that Barre Fitness helped my body bounce back quicker.
Andrea Fluke

I began my first Barre Fitness class in July 2015 and quickly signed up for unlimited monthly classes. The past 4 months, I have seen everything change with y body. My muscles are sculpted and defined in a way never seen before. As a tennis player, my game has gotten much better, I am quicker and stronger. The Barre Fitness Studio has transformed not only my fitness level but I can’t wait each day to attend a class because every class is different, always changing up. Muscle memory and a full body low impact workout, cardio, strength building, great mind-body all in one. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself!
Ashley Blackmar

I started at The Barre Fitness Studio in preparation for my wedding. I was fitted for my wedding dress as a size 6 (prior to beginning Barre Fitness). After a month and 1/2 of Barre Fitness classes, 4 days per week, I was fitted for my dress in a size 4! I have been an avid Barre Fitness advocate for over a year now. I absolutely love and recommend it to anyone in search of something different. And the best part…. NO RUNNING REQUIRED!
Alexis Hesseltine

We began training with Amy at the age of sixty-five. We both had prior injuries that required careful monitoring of our exercise program. We have busy work schedules and appreciate the professional and timely approach that Amy and her staff provide. Every workout is different and progressively challenging as our strength and balance has improved. We both agree that The Amy Heidecker Method® of Barre Fitness has been the perfect solution for us!
Susan and Gary

After injuring myself doing yoga and weight training, I came to The Barre Fitness Studio. I started with privates, to regain my strength and to exercise safely. I am extremely appreciative and impressed by the expertise of Amy and her well-trained team. I feel stronger now than when I was weight training and have learned how to exercise safely, whatever that means for ME. Not only is Barre Fitness a great workout, but it is a lot of fun and there is a real sense of community amongst everyone. The studio is beautiful, organized and kept extremely clean.
Lacey Lawrence

The exercises/workout at The Barre Fitness Studio is the best thinkg I can do for my body! Amy is aware of suggesting modifications for anyone’s need, and corrects your form if it is harmful in any way. Amy and Jay are the best!
Deanna Payne 

Amy happens to be one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and inspirational people in the world of fitness. And- She’s loads of fun!
Gale English

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