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4717 S. Alameda
Corpus Christi, TX 78412
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celebrating 10 years anniversary

Welcome to The Barre Fitness Studio of Corpus Christi, TX

The Barre Fitness Studio welcomes you regardless of your age, gender, or exercise experience. We now offer In-Studio classes, Virtual (live streaming) and Video On Demand. All class reservations are available via the MIndBody app.

Our mission statement: A personal training session for every student in every class.

The Barre Fitness Studio ensures personal attention by limiting the amount of students per session. Our focus is your safety because Fitness is a Discipline.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early as late arrivals will not be permitted to participate. It takes a few moments to set up your space and each session starts right on time!

We offer affordable rates and a variety of packages to accommodate your budget. Everyone benefits and RESULTS are the proof. Morning and evening sessions available Monday – Saturday.

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What are Barre Fitness and CircuitBarre Sessions?

  • Low impact, high intensity full body workout
  • Incorporates TRX, step, body weight, ballet barre, dumbbells, tubing, and weighted bars
  • Improves posture, strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Squats, lunges, upper body, balance, and core work set to fun music
  • Repetitive movements in a variety of postures and tempos for visible results
  • Focused instructor attention encouraging proper technique
  • Personalized modifications for all fitness levels
  • Full Class Schedule Available Here

What Makes us Different?

The Amy Heidecker Method® upholds a standard of safety based on proper body mechanics, form, and posture. Both group and private sessions are taught with modifications to accommodate all fitness levels and include adaptive techniques to address any muscle weakness or past injuries.

What Are Private Sessions?

  • Training for aging exercisers in balance, strength, agility, and posture
  • A complement to any fitness program like tennis, CrossFit, or ballet
  • Great for bridging the gap between physical therapy and a fitness routine
  • Appropriate programming based on student needs, injuries, and medical background

How Do I Get Started?

  • Reservations recommended, limited walk-in availability
  • Register online here
  • Register by phone by calling 361-877-1424
  • Group and private sessions
  • Unlimited monthly or 10-Pack fee programs available
  • Intro-to-Barre Package: 2 private sessions +1 discounted unlimited month

What Does Barre Fitness Mean To You?

I’ve tried several exercise programs from circuit training to CrossFit and nothing captivated me like The Barre Fitness Studio. I was hooked from the first class.
-Brittany Rodriguez

The music is varied and fun, the instructors are professional, and the friendly comraderie are the reasons I have attended 3 times a week for the last 4 years.
-Val Goodwin

Barre Fitness classes have not only improved the way my body looks but also improved the way my body feels. The instructors keep the classes challenging and fun.
-Sara McCutchon

Barre fitness has changed my life, I have never felt stronger, yet continue to be challenged by the rigorous and everchanging format.
-Tracey Ritchie

We began training with Amy at the age of sixty-five. We both had prior injuries that required careful monitoring of our exercise program. We have busy work schedules and appreciate the professional and timely approach that Amy and her staff provide. Every workout is different and progressively challenging as our strength and balance has improved. We both agree that The Amy Heidecker Method® of Barre Fitness has been the perfect solution for us!
-Susan & Gary

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