The Barre Fitness Studio


Welcome to The Barre Fitness Studio of Corpus Christi, TX

We want to welcome you to The Barre Fitness Studio regardless of your age, gender, or exercise experience.

Our mission statement: A personal training session for every student in every class.

What makes us different? We offer private and small group fitness sessions, focusing on individual needs, rather than cookie cutter choreography.

OUR FOCUS IS YOUR SAFETY. Our method upholds a standard of safety based on proper body mechanics and posture.  All sessions are taught with modifications to accommodate all fitness levels and include adaptive techniques to address any muscle weaknesses or past injuries.

Come and experience a small group setting with fun music, in an upscale environment!

We offer affordable rates and a variety of packages to accommodate your budget.  Everyone benefits and RESULTS are the proof. We offer discounts to:

  • Students
  • Military Personnel
  • Teachers
  • Family Plans

The Barre Fitness Studio ensures personal attention by limiting the amount of students per session. Our focus is your safety because Fitness is a Discipline.

Reservations are recommended to save your spot! Your first session is only $10.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early as late arrivals will not be permitted to participate. It takes a few moments to set up your space and each session starts right on time!